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The Artist

From a young age, I identified as an artist. My sketch book was a physical place for me to exist and express myself. Creating was like magic. Even if the drawings were not real, I was able to take ideas, feelings, and fantasies and put them down on paper. To have what was in my mind come to life.. well, I was hooked. 


After graduating from Stony Brook University with degrees in Biology and Studio Art, I worked as a graphic artist for several years, creating technical shop drawings. Soon after, I found an apprenticeship in portraiture with artist Kevin Murphy. I was excited to return to a more organic subject that required a physical medium. With these new skills, I opened a private teaching studio. I found myself in a community of budding, excited artists. It was rewarding to share my knowledge while watching students impress themselves as they gained access to expressing their own creativity.  Once the Pandemic hit, I had to shutter the studio.


Through this difficult and strange time of 2020, I've found myself returning to a love of doodling, creating glimpses into imaginary worlds, playing with humor and beauty. Working on children's book illustrations, digital artwork, and commissions, this period has allowed me time to create in new ways and with new mediums. I'm eager for what the next chapter brings.

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