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CoolSprings Galleria

A vibrant mural featuring multiple photo opportunities for audience interaction. The backdrop blends iconic structures from downtown Nashville and Franklin.  As onlookers approach, the work's extensive details are revealed to further draw in an audience and promote time spent with the art.  Searching for hidden words and images has the familiar feeling of looking for shapes in clouds. 

The design is inspired by a love for autonomous art and an interest in maps, architecture, biology, nature and story.  My goal with this work is to give viewers pause and a reason to spend time with the intricate design. 

The challenge with this wall was the narrow hall it sits in, restricted by a railing.  The client and I wanted to create something that could be appreciated from a distance, but entice passers-by to come closer and interact with the wall.

The entire mural is 37x11' and took 150 hours to complete over the course of 12 days. 

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